The Top Countries for Vegans in 2020, According to Google

The Top Countries for Vegans in 2020, According to Google

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

According to analytics tools Google Trends and Google Ads, the pandemic has only increased the popularity of veganism! In fact, Chef’s Pencil reports, data from Google Ads reveals that vegan-related searches in 2020 were up 47 percent from the previous year. Top searches include “vegan recipes,” “vegan cheese,” and “vegan restaurants.”

Using Google Trends, we can dive in for a closer look and compare the popularity of search categories around the world to find the countries with the highest concentration of vegans. Some of the places may surprise you!

Check out the top countries for vegans in 2020, according to Google:

1. The United Kingdom

This is the third year in a row that the U.K. has topped the list as the most popular country for vegans. Searches for vegan restaurants have tripled in the past four years, jumping from 60,000 per month in 2017 to a whopping 200,000 in 2020! Veganuary, plenty of media coverage, and plant-based influencers have likely contributed to this popularity.

2. Australia

Google searches for vegan restaurants in Australia have nearly tripled in four years. While Australia already had a very active vegan community, the pandemic and struggles with climate change have intensified discussions about the harmful effects of animal agriculture.

3. Israel

Over 5 percent of Israelis claim to be vegan! The country often combines traditional Mediterranean foods with kosher rules, making vegan-friendly offerings extremely easy to find.

4. New Zealand

In 2019, the number of New Zealanders eating meat-free jumped 15 percent! Google statistics show that in 2020, searches for vegan recipes, vegan cheese, and more were up 53 percent over 2019.

5. Austria and Germany

Austria and Germany are tied for fifth place! Veganism in Austria is currently at an all-time high, while Germany’s already large number of vegetarians and vegans only seems to grow with each passing year. Germany is also becoming a leading producer of vegan meats.

6. Switzerland

A survey conducted in 2019 found that 31 percent of Swiss people were reducing or eliminating their meat consumption. Now that’s impressive!

7. Sweden

Veganism works perfectly with Sweden’s health-conscious image. The country is even home to the all-vegan Waldorf school Hagaskolan. It is also a driving force behind new plant-based innovations, such as vegan Bolognese by Dafgårds and Anamma’s veggie schnitzel.

8. Canada

Government agency Health Canada prioritized plant-based foods in its 2018 food guide! The Canadian government also invested $150 million in Protein Industries Canada, a nonprofit working to make the country a leader in plant-based protein.

9. Ireland

A recent study conducted by Wellwoman Vegan reveals that 74 percent of Irish people are willing to eat more plant-based meals. Even more exciting, 37 percent of survey respondents said they would go fully vegan! Nearly half of the survey’s participants listed ethics and the environment as their motivation to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle.

10. The Netherlands

From 2017 to 2019, sales of beef, pork, and game meat in the Netherlands fell 9 percent. During the same period, the number of plant-based meat products in supermarkets rose by 51 percent! Albert Heijn and Jumbo—the country’s two largest supermarket chains—have been increasing their range of plant-based offerings.

11. The United States

Analyzing data from 2004 to 2019, Ipsos Retail Performance reveals that over 15 years the number of Americans following a plant-based lifestyle rose to 9.7 million—a 300 percent increase!

12. Denmark

In the environment-friendly country of Denmark, Copenhagen is an especially fantastic place to find delicious vegan offerings. Plant-based options are being added to menus everywhere, from Michelin-recognized restaurants to local sandwich shops.

13. Finland

Reports show Finnish people are consuming less meat and dairy, while their consumption of fruits and vegetables continues to increase. And plenty of plant-based options are popping up at restaurants, especially in Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

14. Slovenia and Chile

Tied for number 14 are Slovenia and Chile! One of Slovenia’s vegan Facebook communities has over 12,000 members—impressive for a country with a population of around two million! Meanwhile, Chile’s capital, Santiago, has an abundance of vegan-friendly stores and restaurants.

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