Here Are 12 Badass Black Vegans Who Are Making History

Here Are 12 Badass Black Vegans Who Are Making History

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

These celebrated figures are incredibly talented AND compassionate:

1. Cory Booker

A longtime vegetarian, New Jersey senator Cory Booker went vegan in 2014. The senator attributes his recent decision to go totally plant-based to a desire to protect his health and the environment.

2. Mýa

A vegan for over four years, Grammy Award-winning artist Mýa says going plant-based changed her life.

3. Stevie Wonder

This legendary musician became vegan several years ago and has spoken out about the environmental devastation caused by meat.

4. Venus Williams

Tennis pro Venus Williams began a raw vegan diet to remedy her fatigue and pain resulting from an autoimmune disease.

5. David Carter

Famed defensive lineman David Carter says, “Converting to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle was the best decision I could have ever made for my body, mind, and spirit.”

6. Russell Simmons

A steadfast MFA supporter, Russell Simmons has been vegan since 1999.

7. Coretta Scott King

Wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mrs. King believed that animal rights were a logical extension of Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence and observed a vegan diet.

8. Ayinde Howell

Author of The Lusty Vegan, this celebrity chef is a lifelong vegan, and was featured on The Queen Latifah Show.

9. Angela Davis

According to vegan political activist Angela Davis, “When they’re eating a steak or eating chicken, most people don’t think about the tremendous suffering that those animals endure simply to become food products to be consumed by human beings.”

10. Kimberly Elise

This actress adheres to a vegan lifestyle, and even has a “Why I’m Vegan” page on her website!

11. John Salley

Well known to sports fans for his championship seasons with the “Bad Boy” Pistons, Michael Jordan’s Bulls, and Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers, former NBA star John Salley is an outspoken animal advocate and MFA supporter.

12. Erykah Badu

“Vegan food is soul food in its truest form,” singer and 20-year vegan Erykah Badu says about her plant-based lifestyle.

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