9 Delicious and Totally Vegan Ways to Get Protein

9 Delicious and Totally Vegan Ways to Get Protein

  • Joe Loria
  • Joe Loria

Relatives, friends, and complete strangers are constantly asking vegetarians and vegans where they get their protein. The truth is the meat industry has spent countless dollars and years trying to convince the public that the only healthy way to get protein is from animal products.

Fortunately, that’s not the truth. Meat, eggs, and dairy are not only harmful to your health; they are leading contributors to climate change and cause inconceivable animal suffering. Say goodbye to animal products and try some of these healthy and compassionate protein sources:

1. Beans

Whether black or pinto, kidney or garbanzo, beans are cheap, easy to cook, and packed with protein. In fact, per 100 grams, black beans offer seven grams more protein than beef.

2. Lentils

Each serving of these tiny powerhouses delivers a whopping 12 grams of protein! Check out some delicious vegan lentil recipes here.

3. Plant-Based Meats

From Gardein’s fishless filets to Beyond Meat’s grilled chicken, there are hundreds of plant-based meats on the market and nearly all of them are loaded with protein!

4. Tofu

This is probably what your relatives first think of when they hear “vegetarian protein,” and the truth is tofu is an excellent source of protein. With 10 grams of protein per half cup, tofu is the perfect delicious and nutritious addition to just about any meal. Click here for our ultimate tofu guide.

5. Nuts

From nut milks to peanut butter, nuts are a healthy and simple way to add protein to your diet. In fact, just one cup of mixed nuts has about 27 grams of protein. Also, nuts are high in omega-3s, essential vitamins and nutrients, and antioxidants—you should go nuts for nuts!

6. Quinoa

This ancient whole grain is loaded with eight grams of protein per cup. Try adding it to a stir-fry or salad!

7. Artichokes

With four grams of protein in just a half cup, artichoke hearts are a great source of protein. They’re also high in fiber and low in calories!

8. Nutritional Yeast

Haven’t tried this cheesy-flavored goodness? Packed with four grams of protein per tablespoon, you’ll want to sprinkle a little bit on just about everything you eat!

9. Seeds

Whether you’re adding them to your morning smoothie, making a pudding, or topping off a salad, these “superfoods” are loaded with protein. In fact, chia seeds contain five grams of protein per two tablespoons!

The next time someone asks, “Where do you get your protein?” feel free to just send them this blog. For more plant-based health tips and recipe ideas,
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