9 Seriously Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas

9 Seriously Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Here are some vegan-friendly costume suggestions that we love:

1. Scary Slaughterhouse Workers

This fiendish costume is a great reminder that butchering animals is a bloody, violent practice.

2. Mr. or Ms. Spock

Photo by Noriyuki Works

The Star Trek character Mr. Spock was the first vegetarian character on television. 
3. Vegetarian Noodle Bowl

Photo by The Costume Café

This costume is seriously cute!!
4. Farmed Animals

Photo via Instagram

Of course!
5. Salad

Photo by Shannon Day

Toss it up with this colorful costume that’s low in calories but high in creativity.
6. Bloody Ronald McDonald

Photo by 1057thehawk.com

There’s nothing more ghoulish than the McDonald’s mascot. 
7. Daiya

Be your favorite vegan food product! 
8. Peas and Carrots

Photo by UnspeakableVisions.com

The perfect couple’s costume! 

9. Lisa Simpson

Bart’s younger and compassionate sister has been a vegetarian since the mid-1990s.