America’s Largest Vegan Chain to Open First East Coast Location

Sarah Von Alt|
June 11, 2018

One of the nation’s most successful all-vegan fast-food chains, Veggie Grill is a West Coast favorite. Known for its Buffalo Bomber sandwich and VG Beyond Burger, Veggie Grill enjoys a strong presence in California and has a few locations in Washington and Oregon. Recently the chain expanded its reach, opening its first Midwest locations in Chicago earlier this year, with plans for several more in the region.

Now the chain has revealed plans to open its first East Coast location—in Cambridge, Massachusetts—this fall! A representative for Veggie Grill told Eater Boston:

We conducted market research, and our findings showed that there are a lot of mindful veggie-centric guests in Boston who are looking for our craveable plant-based food. In addition, our CEO Steve Heeley lived in Boston for many years and is very familiar with the market.

Veggie Grill’s success is a true sign of the times, and the company plans to open more restaurants in Boston. With the growing interest in plant-based eating, the number of vegan restaurants will only continue to rise.

But you don’t have to wait for a Veggie Grill to open in your town. Most cities have incredible restaurants that either are all-vegan or can create fantastic vegan dishes. You just have to know how to find them. Of course, Google is a great resource, but here are some other ways to find vegan restaurants near you.

The abundance of vegan alternatives and the increasing popularity of animal-free dishes make now a better time than ever to ditch meat and other animal products for good. Click here to order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.

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