Vegan Parenting Goes Mainstream With New Print Magazine

Sarah Von Alt|
April 16, 2018

In a world that still views animals as commodities, raising compassionate children is no easy task. And while veganism has proved to be a healthful lifestyle for people of all ages (including babies!), there are still many misconceptions about raising vegan kids. Fortunately, Raise Vegan, a digital vegan parenting magazine, will soon be available in print to better accommodate busy families. Topics range from vegan pregnancy and finding vegan doctors to vegan kids shoes and Halloween candy. And the magazine aims to be as inclusive as possible, showcasing a variety of vegan families.

The move to print is fueled by 400 subscriptions—the number required by the publisher to begin printing. Raise Vegan founder Janet Kearney tells Plant Based News:

We are beyond ecstatic, having the digital magazine was a dream that we didn’t think could be beat, but now, having a physical copy that families can share around is a dream come true. It’s always a gamble to try and reach new people, but it looks like vegan families are growing!

Want to get a subscription for your family (or as a gift for someone)? You can purchase a subscription for six months or a year here.

As more people discover the animal cruelty and vast environmental destruction inherent in meat production, they’re eating less meat or ditching it altogether in favor of plant-based foods. In fact, over the past 10 years, American meat consumption has declined by 10 percent! So it should come as no surprise that the number of vegan families is also on the rise. This magazine is yet another sign that veganism is taking over.

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