The Vegan Burger That “Bleeds” Is Expanding to 50 Countries Worldwide

Sarah Von Alt|
May 11, 2018

Beyond Meat is expanding its reach yet again, this time with plans to distribute its acclaimed plant-based Beyond Burger across six continents! The burgers—loaded with 20 grams of protein—are gluten- and soy-free, “bleed” pulverized beet juice, and have the look, smell, and taste of meat.

In a company press release, Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown explains:

Reflecting rapid demand growth in the United States and sustained interest from international markets, we’ve taken steps to significantly increase our production capacity. These additions make it possible for us to support international launches, building upon the successful 2017 introduction of the Beyond Burger in Hong Kong.

With investors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates, Beyond Meat is changing the game by selling its vegan products next to their animal-based counterparts at supermarkets. The company is now partnering with distributors to enter 50 countries, including Australia, Mexico, Israel, Taiwan, Korea, and South Africa.

As more people become aware of the egregious animal cruelty and vast environmental destruction involved in meat production, the popularity of delicious vegan meat alternatives continues to rise.

With vegan foods becoming more accessible, it’s never been easier to ditch animal products. You can join the growing number of people who are taking a stand for animals, the environment, and their own health by transitioning to a plant-based diet. Click here to order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.

P.S. Beyond Meat just debuted its Beyond Sausage. Click here to learn more about this outstanding new product!

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