London’s First All-Vegan Pub Just Opened—With Proper Pub Grub

Sarah Von Alt|
January 17, 2018

Last Friday, London’s first all-vegan pub opened its doors to the public. The Spread Eagle offers an expansive selection of ales brewed without using any animal products and boasts an equally impressive plant-based food menu. Standout dishes include vegan versions of fish and chips, carnitas made with jackfruit, king oyster mushroom scallops, and nachos smothered in vegan cheese and chorizo.

The Guardian explains:

The arrival of the Spread Eagle in east London’s Homerton, occupying a prime spot on a hipster artery stretching from central Hackney, coincides with unparalleled enthusiasm for veganism. This month’s Veganuary has enticed at least 100,000 to give up all animal produce for the month, a 40,000 rise on last year.

While its identity as a vegan pub is new, The Spread Eagle has been a popular London hangout since 1752! In fact, The Guardian proclaims, “The Spread Eagle in east London marks a cultural shift towards a plant-based lifestyle.”

But this new pub is far from the only indication that veganism is taking over London. Just last year, Temple of Seitan made headlines after announcing it would open the city’s first vegan fried chicken shop—and it’s had lines out the door since.

As more people discover the vast cruelty inherent in animal agriculture, the popularity of vegan food (and all-vegan restaurants) will only continue to grow. There’s truly never been a better time to ditch animal products.

Ready to give it a shot? Click here for free vegan recipes, meal ideas, and advice on making the switch to a compassionate plant-based diet.

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