18 Vegan Snacks You Can Find Pretty Much Anywhere

Joe Loria|
May 20, 2016

Whether you’re hitting the road or lounging on the couch, here are some easy-to-find vegan snacks to enjoy!

1. Oreos

2. Munchos

3. Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts

4. Swedish Fish

5. Ruffles Barbecue Potato Chips

6. Skittles

7. Traditional Flavored Chex Mix

8. SunChips (original)

9. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

10. Cracker Jacks

11. Sour Patch Kids

12. Ritz Crackers

13. Fritos (original)

14. Airheads

15. Rold Gold Pretzels

16. Teddy Grahams (chocolate)

17. Lay’s Classic Potato Chips

18. Pringles (original and barbecue)

Now that you’re full of sweet and salty goodness it’s probably time to have a kale salad.

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